When Hiring a Moving Company in Carlsbad Look For These Things

There are stories of people losing photos, having household items damaged and leaving things behind in their former place when changing homes.

And also, the cost of relocating can set up back a few thousand, and if you are relocating to another state and you have a lot of things to move, the cost maybe more than $10,000. If you are sure of when you are moving or not yet decide on when you are moving, these tips will make the process a pleasant one.

Request that your estimate is fixed.

Nobody likes to be given additional bills by their mover after the relocation has been completed. Hire a mover that will guarantee that the quote of the job is the final and is not subject to any hidden charge after completion of the movement.

Know your mover’s insurance cover.

A professional mover will include insurance cost as part of their quotation. Find out the basis of their insurance cost, either it is based on the weight of items to be moved or the value. Find out as much information as possible about moving insurance, then ask different movers based on their quotes about the insurance cover provided. Moving.com can help you compare the estimates of various movers.

Confirm there is no hidden charge.

Some movers may charge extra for moving large items, household property that may require dismantling, a connection that needs disconnection, items that require frequent movement up and down the stairs, or area that is narrow and not accessible to the mover’s truck. Ensure that a discussion is had with the mover about this extra service or inconveniences before a quote is sent by the mover.

Give Tip. Always remember that you need to tip the movers and offer them cold drinks. If you have two people working on moving your stuff, a tip of between $40 – $60 is okay. However, if you have more than two people working with you, then give each mover $20.

Compare the value of your property with the valuation of the mover.

Compare the amount the mover as valued your items and with your assessment. If there is a huge different between your valuation and the movers, ask for reconciliation in valuation or hiring a mover whose valuation closely match your valuation.

Find out the mode of payment the mover accepts.

Not all movers accept credit card payment, so find out the payment type the mover accept. It is critical to know the type of payment accepted by mover before you hire. Pack It Movers is among the few moving company that accept cash and credit card payment.

Ask for premium service.

Some move offers extraordinary service to their client by packing material which is included in the cost of moving. Find out from your mover if the cost is already included in their quote before you start purchasing bubble wrap. Some mover will even provide boxes for you put your things in before they start moving your stuff.

Appreciate your wardrobe boxes.

There are many uses for your wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are ideally for packing bulky items that don’t weight much e.g hanging clothes, throws, pillows, and comforters. Before you start moving, find out from the mover the size of their wardrobe boxes. To know the number of wardrobe boxes, you will need, measure the clothes and coats you have. Pack them properly so that your clothes do not get damaged during movement. Other items you can include in these boxes are your shoe boxes. When packing makes sure the boxes are not too heavy and are easy to carry.

Research the mover.

Find out from the Better Business Bureau if there are any outstanding complain about the mover from past clients.

Be in Control.

To make the process of moving less stressful, assign colors to all the rooms in the new house and label boxes that will go to each room with an identical color, to make easy for the mover to know where each item is going. Assigning a particular spot where each box will be placed to make the job easier and faster.

Confirm if you are eligible for a tax relieve.

If the reason for relocating is job based, then there are high chances of claiming back all expenses incurred for moving.